Quick status update

Hi guys, not too much to say today, I managed to get a bit more work done on the building system, it will now successfully clear out an area, then read each block from the file and place it in the correct spot.  I would like this to happen gradually (rather than the whole building appearing all at once), I’ve been toying around with coroutines in Unity to make this happen but haven’t had any promising results yet.

I am happy with how it’s turned out so far and may record a video soon-ish.

Until next time folks!

What to expect in the near-ish future

Hey guys! Just a quick update to give you an idea on what I’ll be working on now and in the near future.  So I’m currently about quarter of the way through the building system, I can currently load buildings from a file and have them automatically generate in the world.  It’s not entirely bug-free yet though and also I’ve been writing these building files manually, I’ll be creating a ‘build mode’ to create buildings in, and then you’ll be able to place those buildings in the world.

So the next few milestones I have (I’ll likely have a dev video for each milestone) are:

  1. Add a main menu with world generation options
  2. Complete the building system
  3. Add basic workers with random names and some basic personalities, add jobs for workers to do (for now only builders)
  4. Create a GUI system that is easy to expand and use
  5. Create a resources system (how much raw materials you have, having material requirements for buildings, etc)

I do have a ton of stuff planned but I’d like to go through things 4 or 5 at a time before looking into the more game-based stuff.  Really want to make sure that the core of the game feels good to play before adding the main functionality.

Development can be quite slow as I do work full time and enjoy playing games and creating YouTube videos in my free time, I mostly develop on weekends but as you can see by the current progress I am pretty quick at developing new features when I’m in the mindset.

Hope you guys are happy with the current progress! I’ve tried to get in touch with Sips about the game to see if he has anything he’d personally like to see in the game but haven’t had much luck yet, so hopefully we can catch his attention too!

Stay tuned!

My first blog post!

So then, I have decided to start a blog! I may start a second one for random crap, but I’d like to use this one to give you guys some updates on my game that I’m developing.

Basically, Dirt Factory Simulator is going to be a Tycoon style game in which you start a company that specializes in producing the finest quality dirt. The game is of course inspired by the Yogscast with their Tekkit series and more importantly inspired by a member of the Yogscast, Sips, who is known for being the CEO of Sipsco, the greatest dirt factory.

The game will allow aspiring Dirtineers to design their own dirt products, imagine edible dirt, explosive dirt or even military grade nuclear resistant dirt (MGNR Dirt). You will of course be hiring many loyal (not really) employees to carry out all the hard labour for you, but make sure you keep them happy or they may sabotage your operation.

The game is in very very early development, however I do have 5 (as of this post) development progress update videos on my YouTube channel:

Click to visit my channel!

I will continue to update my development series as I work on new features.

Last night I began working on a system which will load a building from an XML file and build it in the game world (using voxels), this means all your custom buildings can easily be shared!

Until next time!